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Privacy Policy
Personal Data
NEWSWEEK is committed to safeguarding all your personal data received over the internet. For some of our services - such as subscription or change of address - we require a user's personal data. This information is being used to manage your subscription and to contact you if clarification regarding your subscription is required. At every point where personal data is required, the user is offered an option NOT to receive promotional material from other companies. The user data collected is stored and processed by Newsweek International Inc., Key West, 53-61 Windsor Road, Slough SL1 2EH, England.
Email address
To use our online subscription services, a valid email address is required. This address will solely be used by Newsweek/Nordic Subscription Service to contact you on issues directly related to your subscription or our business in general. Under no circumstances will your email address ever be disclosed to third parties!
User Profiling and statistics
We do not create personal user profiles of our web site viewers. We create a protocoll of general information, such as at what time which web pages of NEWSWEEK are being viewed or which pages are the most frequented. This data, however, is being aggregated and cannot be connected to individual users. Our web site does not use passwords at the present time.
Questions about our privacy policy should be mailed to
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